Wood Funeral Home

Our sign on Elm Street, two blocks East of the Museum of Idaho,
and across the street from the O.E. Bell building.

Wood Funeral Home was orginally established as the Dinwoody Funeral Home in 1911. Jack A. Wood, Sr. purchased the business in 1925, and moved to the current location on North Ridge Avenue in 1928.

Our building on North Ridge & Elm Street was originally split, a residence on the north side for the Wood family and the funeral home on the south side. A chapel was later added on the west. We've also changed the interior decor several times. Following are some pictures of the North Ridge facility.

Wood Funeral Home Pre-1993

Our most recent and extensive remodel was done in 1993.
This picture shows the building prior to that time. In 1993 we
changed the outside as well as the inside so that the north side
residence is now included as a part of the funeral home.

We have a large garage on the west side of the building, where the cars,
hearses, and equipment are kept. The garage also houses
our crematorium, Eagle Rock Crematory.

This is a view from inside the east door. The beautiful stained
glass window was custom designed and handmade.

Families meet with our funeral director in this room,
which is the former living room of Jack & Blanche Wood.
We have kept many of the antique furniture pieces they had.

Other areas are available for conversations.

Items are available for any need.

A display of some of the casket choices.

A display of some of the urn choices.

Programs, register books, and other items are available.

One of the available visitation rooms.

The room can be used for groups of various sizes.

Next is the visitation or viewing room. This was part of the addition and remodeling we completed in 1993.

This room connects to the south foyer and into the chapel.

The Chapel was redecorated in 1991. Some of the nicest features
in the chapel are the flower bouquets hand painted around the
wall light fixtures and the flower display racks in front.

Services in the chapel can be streamed live to the internet
for the convenience of family and friends far away.